Established in 1995, RecoverX specialises in computer recycling, IT and other Office Equipment disposal as well as providing solutions for the management of all types of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). With expert knowledge and over sixteen years of experience, we offer our customers an unmatched Recycling & Electronic Waste disposal service.

We provide recycling solutions for all your office electronic waste including :

Computer Recycling
Monitor Recycling
PC Recycling
Server Recycling
Printer recycling
IT Disposal

RecoverX will also buy & re-sell any excess, obsolete, scrap, or any other such materials generated by the Electronics Industry.

RecoverX will take passive components, PCB's, end-of-line and over-produced products. We will provide a return to companies where value can be derived from these materials. In other cases there will be charge for proper disposal.

We sell this material through our extensive worldwide contacts on the secondary market. Using these extensive contacts we obtain very competitive prices which are reflected in our purchase offers.

Recycled Electronic products and components ( such as Hard Drives ) may contain sensitive & confidential customer data, and hence RecoverX ensures that such products are completely destroyed according to customer requirements. RecoverX is also sensitive to the requirements of our clients as dictated by corporate culture and directives, accounting standards, warranty issues etc.

We are the ultimate one stop recycling company & we provide a great and flexible service with full accountability and excellent returns.